Well, it’s been more than a year and a half since my last dev diary entry, where it ended with “I hope i will continue making these diaries”.  Obviously that didn’t happen and that card game i was working on is put on hold for the time being. In the meantime i have actually finished a project, from concept to release. A casual arcade-y fun mobile[Android] game called Haunting for Treasure.

So now that my mind if finally off the active development of that game i thought i could do retrospect on most interesting problems and my solutions to them during the development of that game. That would include my thought process on finding solutions and code examples from which you could gain some insight or you could improve on it. My plan is to talk about these subjects:

  • Use of Grids – Link to the Post
  • Random Level Generation – Coming Soon!
  • Lighting effects – Coming Soon!
  • Online Highscores – Coming Soon!
  • Monetization – Coming Soon!

The Game Itself

In this game you draw a path with your finger and your digger follows it. In this way you guide him through the level with the goal of reaching the end of the level. The catch is that the digger is always tethered to the level starting point by a rope, so wherever you go you leave a trail of rope that the ghosts in the level will try to cut.
So it is a game about awareness of threats to your rope and how greedy you can get collecting gems before you have to zip back to defend your rope.
The game is free so you can freely check it out yourself if you want.